101 Things you need to know about moi 2005-03-09 5:06 p.m. 1. My favorite color is pink.
2. I wear contacts.
3. I love puppies and dogs. Labs especially. Oh and Jack Russell terriers.
4. However I'm not a huge fan of hot dogs.
5. I am currently going to college.
6. I love John Grisham. Will read anything he writes.
7. I also love Nicholas Sparks.
8. I bawled like a baby when I saw "The Notebook" in the theaters.
9. I miss my grandma.
10. I have an uncle whom I barely know.
11. I love the movie "Elf" with Will Ferrill.
12. I go to a bible study group once a month.
13. I used to be a very good singer.
14. I'm addicted to text messaging.
15. It's embarrassing sometimes to get text messages when you're with family or in a place you shouldn't be getting them.
16. One time smack dab in the middle of a Pap smear and pelvic exam Jaxon texted me to ask if I was wearing clean underwear.
17. I prefer to write in blue ink, as opposed to black.
18. I've noticed I have far too much red in my wardrobe.
19. I used to always be a yellow gold girl but have recently taken a liking to silver jewelry.
20. I could sit down and eat an entire box of Samoas Girl Scout Cookies no problem.
21. I actually have Ashlee Simpson's CD. And sue me but I still listen to it sometimes.
22. I used to be addicted to ER. Now I hardly ever watch it.
23. I am a reality TV whore.
24. I met Kendall from Road Rules: Campus Crawl and she is an absolute sweetheart.
25. I used to help with a website from a different MTV reality show cast member and she was a total bitch.
26. If I could BE Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" I'd be happy as a clam!
27. I hate winter.
28. I hate it when it is over 95 degrees outside.
29. I don't tan very easily. I mostly just burn.
30. I love my George Foreman grill.
31. I made my first batch of Beef Stew this week and it was delicious.
32. I watch World Championship Poker tour on the Travel Channel and Fox Sports Net ALL THE TIME.
33. I recently started playing Texas Hold 'Em poker on Ultimatebet.com
34. I am too scared to do anything online, I'm convinced anybody can get my personal information. Even pay pal is freaking me out right now.
35. Reading US Weekly magazine makes me happy.
36. I drink far too much diet coke.
37. I love ice cream, but it does not love me back.
38. Sometimes I crave chocolate.
39. I eat lots of Ketchup, but ONLY Heinz ketchup.
40. Same goes for Miracle Whip. Give me Miracle Whip or give me death!
41. My neighbors are pretty cool.
42. I love to look at the weird things people but on ebay.
43. I'm just on online whore in general.
44. I would love to win the lottery.
45. My daughter is growing up and it is scaring me to death.
46. My daughter's feet are almost as big as mine.
47. I used to read every book by Danielle Steel. Then I realized they are all the same and I stopped doing that.
48. Music makes me happy.
49. Except country music.
50. I straighten my hair. It is naturally curly.
51. I love hair products.
52. I read about 15 online diaries/journals.
53. If you want to talk medical talk, I can keep up with you. Maybe even teach you a thing or two.
54. Jay Leno makes me laugh.
55. I don't eat NEAR as much fast food as I used to.
56. I would probably act like a retard if I ever met Matt Damon.
57. I could watch "Good Will Hunting" every day of my life and never get sick of it.
58. I've never seen any of the "Lord of the Rings" movies and don't really have any interest in doing so.{updated, I've seen it and I hated it!}
59. Unless Jaxon ties me up and forces me to.
60. I might enjoy that. (HA!HA!)
61. You can find me on MSN Messenger almost 24/7. Unless I'm sleeping. Or not at home.
62. I'm a girlie girl but I love to watch "American Choppers".
63. I heart Vinnie.
64. Motorcycles scare me.
65. I will scream if I see a mouse.
66. My cell phone is a black and silver motorola flip phone and it rocks.
67. I love my new digital camera.
68. I want to visit New York City before I die.
69. I watch a little too much MTV.
70. Dr. Phil is a Psycholgy GOD.
71. Screw you if you don't agree.
72. I have a real live plant my mom gave me from my grandmother's funeral 2 1/2 years ago. Her name is Bethany.
73. I think she's not doing well so my mom wants to take her home to revive her.
74. I've been to the Daytona 500 and it is one of my all-time favorite vacations.
75. NASCAR fans are very friendly and like to buy girls lots of drinks.
76. I've been on a Carnival Cruise.
77. I have a tattoo on my right ankle that I procured in Mexico.
78. I was extremely drunk when I received said tattoo.
79. I love hockey.
80. I wish the Cubs would win the world series.
81. If I could get paid to watch movies I would.
82. I never trust movie critics or other's opinions. If I want to see the movie I will. If it sucks, it's my bad.
83. I like to have my hair up when I work.
84. I am NOT a morning person.
85. I work at 5:30 AM.
86. I'm completely burnt out at my job.
87. I called and told my boss that the other day and she's going to help me with that.
88. I heart my boss.
89. I need more money.
90. I have a thing with turtleneck sweaters.
91. I collect Precious Moments figurines.
92. I still have my hand written diary from junior high.
93. My daughter goes to the same grade school/junior high that I did.
94. One of the teachers there is a kid I went to grade school with there. Very weird.
95. I love Sarah McLachlan.
96. I used to LOVE Evanescence. But that was in my dark/angry/depressed period. They just don't have the same effect on me they once did.
97. I wish I lived near mountains.
98. While I'm at it, I wished I lived anywhere but here.
99. I think I could be a big city girl but I might change my mind if I ever moved to the big city.
100. Someday when Cass is older I want to leave this place behind.
101. I love diaryland!!!!!!

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A 30-something mom, sarcastic, funny, goofy, dorky, sometimes smart, very emotional, entertaining and always unpredictable.


Sleeping in, chocolate, catching up on my DVR, reading for the hell of it, being a college student, my daughter to pieces, my friends and family, US Weekly magazine, diet coke, Reality TV, my computer, puppies and things that make me cry in a good way.


Seafood, spinach, liver, when my jeans are too short, not having enough sleep, PMSing, cleaning house, people who knowingly lie to your face, most country music and that "Laffy Taffy" song!