Cast of characters in my life 2004-11-18 1:11 p.m.

The People in My Life

Cass - my 11 y/o daughter. She's a handful most of the time but she's still mine and I love her.

Jen - my sister who is 30. I love her and her kids. I love her kids like my own. We've always been close and I hope that never changes.

Jaxon - My best friend. My partner in crime and evil twin. She's my biggest fan and sometimes my harshest critic. But she calms me. When I'm having a bad day she's the first person I call and 99% of the time I feel better after talking to her. She is the polar opposite of me and the weirdest person I've ever met. But I wouldn't want it any other way.

Travis - Jen's boyfriend of 3 years now. He's a typical man's man. Loves to hunt, ride ATV's, go jeepin, drink beer, and thinks he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

Jada - My wonderful friend now for 9 years. We've been through everything together. She's a lot of fun and currently season ticket holder for my favorite hockey team. She can be Martha Stewart collecting dinnerware one minute and a wild child dancing on tables drunk the next. And that's what I love about her.

Terri - Used to live next door to me. We hung out very limitedly when she lived here. Now that she has moved away we have hung out much more. She's a lot of fun and likes to speak her mind. Very devoted to her family, unlike anybody I've ever seen.

Karen - My most girlie girl friend. She wears high heels for every occasion and carries her Gucci purse. She hates anything that involves getting dirty and sweaty and always looks like she just stepped off the pages of Vogue.

Mom - My mom. She can be at times very funny and ditzy. She can be your harest critic and turn around and be the most supportive person in the world. Regardless I do know that she loves us and wants the best for us kids. It's just that sometimes she has a funny way of showing it.

John - My 37 year-old brother who lives in Wisconsin. He is married with three kids. He teaches and coaches at a high school there. His wife stays at home and cares for the kids. They are Beaver Cleaver all the way. Sometimes I wonder how we were even born to the same parents. He's a very good guy. Loves his kids and probably the reason he gets along with them so well is because he is just a big giant kid himself.

Corey - aka Corky. He is Cassidy's dad. He is married with 2 other kids besides Cass. He loves his daughter very much. He can't stand me or the way I parent our daughter but regardless, he's still her father.

Wendy - Cassidy's stepmom. Was also known as "the other woman" for a short period of time but I digress. For the most part we get along. She's always nice and friendly to me and if I need to talk to anybody over there I'm more comfortable talking to her. But I also know her niceness towards me is an act so I don't trust her as far as I could throw her.

Paige - My friend for 9 years and now ex-hairdresser. She and I hung out long before she went to school to do hair. Her and I have had MANY good times together. I used to have the BIGGEST crush on one of her brothers and was determined to have him. Blah blah blah, skip to the end of the story, I did eventually have him. *Dr. Evil laugh*. Paige is good people. She's funny, smart, and just a great person to be around. And she's in her first REAL relationship and it looks like she's headed down the aisle. I'm so happy for her!

Gracie - My friend I've known for a year and a half. She lives in Maine. She is so funny and a huge John Mayer fan (saw him Aruba) which gives her the maximum amount of points with me! I hope to meet her sometime soon. Her and I are so much alike!!! She's a really great chick. I wish everybody knew Gracie. She makes me laugh my ass off most days.

DQ - Drama Queen. This is an ex who apparently can't move on and has to still cause shit on a biweekly basis. He reads this diary and grasps onto anything he can to cause trouble. If Drama was a country he'd be President. If Drama was a movie, he'd win an Oscar for best actor on the planet. If Drama was a book he would be a bestseller. If Drama was a planet, he would be their ruler. I may also refer to him as P.S. aka pot stirrer. He stirs a pot better than Emeril Lagasse. And the funniest thing of all is I don't give two shits about what he thinks.

Regan - A friend of Terri's whom she met online and they had talked for a very long time before I was introduced to her. Then we talked online for a quite a while. I was in her town 07/31/05 and met up with her for the first time. We had a nice time and she's a lot of fun. I hope to get to see her again soon.

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::I AM

A 30-something mom, sarcastic, funny, goofy, dorky, sometimes smart, very emotional, entertaining and always unpredictable.


Sleeping in, chocolate, catching up on my DVR, reading for the hell of it, being a college student, my daughter to pieces, my friends and family, US Weekly magazine, diet coke, Reality TV, my computer, puppies and things that make me cry in a good way.


Seafood, spinach, liver, when my jeans are too short, not having enough sleep, PMSing, cleaning house, people who knowingly lie to your face, most country music and that "Laffy Taffy" song!