Hopefully my last home! 2006-03-19 9:17 p.m. Due to cyberstalkers who have absolutely nothing better to do in their lives than try 50 times a day to get onto my diary when they are already banned and slice ham, I am making one final move.

It was either lock this up (which I don't want to do) or move. I chose to move. So this is goodbye to Diaryland. If you'd like to know my new location, please email me at:

[email protected]

and I'll give you the new URL. If I don't know you personally but you read me, can you please give me the name of your diary so I can make sure you are a real diarylander and not the cyberstalker emailing me with a fake email address. Believe you me, I wouldn't put it past her.

Not much will change with my new blog at all. In fact it will be exactly the same....just in a new location on the net.

I'm so tired of having somebody completely unwanted taking a peek into my life when she has been told on more than one occasion she is not welcome. I guess she'll have to go stalk somebody else and read about somebody else's amazing fucking life and wish she were THEM. Have fun with that bitch.

Buh bye for now and hope to hear from everybody so you can come to my new pad!

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A 30-something mom, sarcastic, funny, goofy, dorky, sometimes smart, very emotional, entertaining and always unpredictable.


Sleeping in, chocolate, catching up on my DVR, reading for the hell of it, being a college student, my daughter to pieces, my friends and family, US Weekly magazine, diet coke, Reality TV, my computer, puppies and things that make me cry in a good way.


Seafood, spinach, liver, when my jeans are too short, not having enough sleep, PMSing, cleaning house, people who knowingly lie to your face, most country music and that "Laffy Taffy" song!