Hopefully my last home! Snow Day Don't thank just me A short recap Luck of the Irish Next a marathon! All play and no work Randomness Time to catch up A few more days, bear with me! Twilight zone Do the girl scout cookies cancel out my workouts? The cookies are gonna kill me No title Party pics and narcolepsy Yay for Sarah! Hit the road Jack Takin a break Guilt Pangs Unsent letter Fat pants and Unhappy Birthdays Frosty the snowman my candy heart Happy Overpriced Holiday! At the YMCA I am anti-bush T-O-R-P-I-D Somebody help me! Who is the stick figure with no soul? The balance is off!!! To study or not to study Dance the night away Spending my money like it's going out of style I'm the brains of the operation A better picture When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy Lift your spirits, buy a car! And the search is on Can't wait a week!!! Things weren't sew easy Yes I'm a moron and I'm not in denial about it. Long ass day, long ass night Now I ain't sayin she's a gold digger My rental Car and nothing else The wedding of the year!!! Quick recap...but is anything with me quick? How much can be packed into a day you ask? When is enough enough???? i need sleep ASAP i'm joey and i'm a reality tv addict k-k-k-kia ole red she thinks my mullet's sexy... happy birthday to me my pinto: a thesis mullets are sexy, i don't care what you say idiosyncrasies that make me me its a beautiful day in the neighborhood chillin out yo better to be pissed off than pissed on i say vote for pedro happy hump day 2005, the year in review. bugger off ole chappy happy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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